The reflexology path.

Good evening friends & my faithful Reflexology Clients. This article was posted by my Reflexology teacher recently from St. Augustine Fl.  Thus I am attaching it to this week’s blog. A real Reflexology path at FIU. The 1st of its kind at a public institution on the East Coast.  Read what president Mark B. Rosenberg says.  Wow!!!

“Stones were placed to create this 1st Reflexology path by at least 50 administrators.” This is awesome. “Organizers hope this will be the beginning of a new, self-care tradition on campus.”

FIU debuts East Coast’s first reflexology path at a public institution

On another note I am excited to share also in this Blog a woman I have recently  reconnected with. Her name is Lynn Silverman & she owns Paradise Bay Salon & Wellness Center 6945 SW State Rd. 200 Suite101 in Ocala Fl.

I first met Lynn appx. 25 years ago. I have always appreciated her candidness. She has always been very pleasant and honest to me.  Recently we have partnered up for me to share about her fairly new service DERMATUDE The Facelift Alternative. I will be experiencing a series of 8 of these Meta Therapy facelifts. In this Blog I will share a before picture.

Meta Therapy is the safest & most natural method in the range of invasive treatment. An advanced digital device, with its precision handpiece, guarantees optimal results without risk on skin damage or scarring. Leading dermatologists worldwide consider Meta Therapy as effective and safe. I’m looking forward to my facial skin regaining elasticity. More about that later. Here is my Picture of my face at start of treatment.





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